Are you a mum who regularly finds herself screaming at her kids, comfort eating too much chocolate, your glass of wine turns into a bottle and you compare yourself to everybody way too much?

I’ve been there, I know what that’s like – it was me a few years go!

As a mum of two I can really put myself in your shoes – maybe you need to vent about something, maybe you have big plans but your husband is telling you not to both, maybe you just need to learn a new tool to help keep calm in the mornings whilst getting the kids to school.

I can help with all these and many more of the issues mums face on a daily basis.

Often forgotten about, left to sort yourself out and just don’t know how to pull yourself out of the feelings of helplessness or anger that often show up in these situations.

I can offer tools to help with relaxation, things to stop you comparing yourself to others and to help provide that feeling of having someone with you throughout your journey.

Rest assured I am a qualified coach as well as a reiki practitioner, I can offer a one off coaching (venting) session through to 12 week programmes and beyond.

Please check out , my services on the services page or contact me for more information.

She is so easy to chat to. She has made me think, reflect, she has asked questions that have given me lightbulb moments, and I love that she has made me come up with my own action plan but one that she will hold me accountable to.

Lauren - Coaching Client

I love my coaching sessions with Alison. She offers a wonderfully calming space where she truly helps you reflect on where you are and where you want to be.
Talking through things with Alison offers clarity and direction and she’s so very helpful in guiding and supporting my ideas towards my personal and business goals.

Lisa - Coaching Client

As a life coach myself I know the power of having a coach and mentor and I really valued the time I spent with Alison.

During our time together we worked on lots of different challenges that I was experiencing in my day to day life, from overwhelm and creating balance as a busy mum of 3 and a business owner, to creating stronger boundaries and communicating more effectively with the people I love.

Alison always supported me with genuine compassion and empathy and had the knack of hitting the nail on the head when we were looking at any underlying challenges I was experiencing.

I found each and every session so valuable as I came away with actionable steps that I could take to improve the challenges I was experiencing and the motivation, support and accountability to help me take the action I promised to take.

Thankyou Alison, I really appreciate all that you do.

Lorraine - Coaching case study

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