Reiki 1:1 Sessions and Relaxation Evenings.

What exactly is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique which promotes relaxation and a reduction in stress. It is often used alongside modern health treatments to aid people in becoming balanced energetically in every form – physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As a Reiki Master I have been attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy.  During a session this energy flows through me and out of my hands towards the client either in person or via distance – this means that sessions can be held in person or as requested at an agreed date and time.

The energy helps to promote self healing, may relieve pain and tension, support well being during health treatments and can create feelings of relaxation, meditation and peace.

A distance session is held at a pre agreed date and time, you do not need to be in contact with me at that agreed time (although a zoom call can be arranged). 

To achieve optimal benefit from the session it is recommended you find a quiet place to relax during the time the healing is sent. 

£40 for a 30 minute distance session 

To book a session click HERE.

Subscribe to a monthly session HERE and receive £5 off each session.


Reiki Relaxation Evenings – Revive and recharge

The relaxation evening is a lovely way to feel refreshed, recharged and relaxed.

Held over zoom, it’s the opportunity to enjoy a meditation as well as receiving distance healing – there is also the opportunity to receive guidance via an oracle or chakra card reading at the end.

You do not require anything to join, simply book and join the zoom call via the link.

It is recommended to be somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed and in a comfortable area to either sit or lie down.

If you wish to have any of the following that may aid you in relaxation please do so: a blanket, crystals, candles or incense burning.

£47 for one session OR subscribe to a monthly session at the special price of £40 per session.